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External switches and more for your Fractal Audio,

Kemper, Boss and RJM gear.

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QUAD+ for Fractal

Our bestseller, and for good reason.

New for '23 is the V2,
with side vents and matching color.

SW/EXP for Fractal

Best of both worlds, 2 extra switches
and an expression knob to expand your setup.

Frank Steffen Mueller demo

Unlocking creativity!

Featuring the QUAD+, SW/EXP

and DUO EXP.

Lifetime warranty

We are proud of our products and believe they will last a lifetime. That is why we guarantee this warranty.

Handmade in Belgium

All our products are designed and made by hand in Belgium.


Most of our products like the Fractal switches are unique, there is nothing else like them on the market.

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